Accommodation for wedding guests.


Accommodation is a must for weddings when guest travel from far. No one wants to drive home late at night when you have the opportunity to overnight at a beautiful guest house right next to the venue.

The questions are who has to pay for this? Do you as couple have to spend so much more to accommodate your guests or expect them to pay themselves? We have a few answers and opinions for you.

Venue Choice:

There are so many venues that offer accommodation for guests on their premises or nearby guesthouses in the surrounding areas. By choosing the right venue you create an opportunity for your guests not to travel so far and stay close by so no one has to drive after enjoying the feestivies. Leipzig Country House & Winery offers 21 rooms for a total of 42 guests sharing and within walking distance of the venue which is a huge perk.

Accommodation Payment:

Is this something the bride and groom has to pay or the guests? Not everyone can afford to pay for all the guests accommodation, so in our opinion it is most common for the couple to pay for only their close relatives and bridal party and for the rest of the guests to have the option made available and they pay the costs.

Tips for Accommodation:

  1. Remember that not all of your guests can afford the luxury accommodation you have to offer. Keep this in mind and find accommodation nearby to suit all budgets. A lot of guesthouses also offer discounted rates when booking more than a certain amount of rooms.
  2. When searching for different prices, take a look whether the establishment offers breakfast for guests. This is always nice when everyone gets together the last time after the wedding and share their stories of the special day.
  3. Find out what their facilities are so you know your guests are comfortable and being well looked after.
  4. Book well in advance, make sure you indicate this on your invitations.















A hidden gem sure to visit

Leipzig Country House & Winery has it all. With luxury accommodation and self-catering options, Wi-Fi, a good old-fashioned farm breakfast and a long list of activities to discover, one day’s visit is way too short.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and into the gorgeous wine lands, you will find Leipzig Country & Winery in a small valley called Nuy. You will fall in love with the route towards the guest house, with vineyard and mountain sceneries along the way. A warm welcome will make you feel right at home. Birds chirping, nature singing, beauty surrounding you
the tranquil setting will allow you to relax and shut down from reality.

Take a walk in the beautiful vineyards or relax at the swimming pool with a good book or a glass of wine. Bring your mountain bike and explore the area or visit the secret tortoise garden- there is adventure for all. Go on a tasting journey, experience the superb wines and the delicious food of Leipzig Country House & Winery. You will be given an exclusive and personal wine tasting that will enlighten not only the wines but the history of the farm. Choose your favourites and enjoy it with traditional South African country cooking. You will dine in the 1893 wine cellar and purchase from a Muscadel tank, restored into a bar. All our meals are inspired by generations-old recipes and prepared with fresh produce from the surrounds and fertile valley. Be sure to leave feeling part of the family and traditions.

If you are looking for the perfect getaway, be sure to visit Leipzig. Come to Leipzig to savour every taste, reconnect with the sublime beauty and meet in an inspiring country paradise. Where all things tell a story, where timeless traditions meet modern living.








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Classical Cars

We love to brag with the Classical Car groups that visit us, we had the privilege of hosting a classical car group, where Bentleys and MG’s turned heads at their arrival.

The group enjoyed a lovely stroll with the scenic road towards our Guest House. Guests rested in our beautiful luxury accommodation and was spoiled by a 3-course candlelight dinner in our century old wine cellar. The next day guests were taken on a tractor drive through the Nuy Valley. After exploring the area, guests were treated with a personal wine tasting experience by the Winery Manager before another delicious dinner. One of the guests performed a beautiful song to end off their stay.






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Leipzig is the perfect destination for a cycling group

Recently, Chris Willemse Cycles had a cycling tour and as luck would have it, we were one of their stops.  Once again I realised how perfect our destination is for groups like these.

With a breath-taking view, cyclists love the journey to our farm where they are surrounded by vineyards, mountains and nature’s beauty. Once arrived at the destination, friendly staff allocates the group’s baggage to their specific rooms and they are shown towards their room.  We set up a lovely outdoor lunch for the group to regain their strength.

A massage parlour is set up in our Chapel, where members unwind with calming music while enjoying a massage. The tranquil setting is perfect for relaxation with a gorgeous lookout onto the vineyards.

When members have their ‘free-time’, they usually spend it around the swimming pool or stroll through our Tortoise Sanctuary and the vineyards.

An assigned spot is used to clean and service the cycle bikes, which is then stored in an alarm-secured area.

Don’t fear, the group will be able to leave with a set of clean cycling gear. Laundry can be handed in by us upon arrival & given back the morning after breakfast.

Members are treated with a special Tractor-Wagon Sundowner in the vineyards and ended off with an in-depth, wine tasting & cellar tour experience before dinner. Dinner is served in a Century Old Wine Cellar exclusively set-up for the group.

Heading off to bed in our luxury accommodation, is considered a treat after such a long day. Guests are enjoying nature to the fullest and still have the convenience and peacefulness of luxury accommodation. Early rise and shine? No problem for us, a big buffet menu awaits the group before heading off to their next destination.

If you would like to enquire about our cycling packages, simply send us an email at


Blood Sweat & Gears


Blood Sweat & Gears



Leipzig Country House & Winery is perfect for winter weekends

Winter can be as much fun as summer here at Leipzig. Come and see for yourself: Snuggle up in front of the fire, whilst enjoying our selection of red wines. Take a morning stroll through the vineyards. Sleep late and relax with a good book in bed. Experience an exclusive and personal wine tasting experience. And treat yourself with a decadent farm-style three-course dinner.

Escape to the country this winter with our special winter rates and a complimentary wine tasting.

Starting from R400 p/p sharing, including English breakfast.

T&C apply. Dates: Available dates from 28 May to 31 July 2016.

To Book: email us at / Tel: 023 3478422

To Book Online:

  1. Follow the link:
  2. Check availability
  3. Choose your room
  4. Scroll down to “Winter Escape Special”

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