Accommodation is a must for weddings when guest travel from far. No one wants to drive home late at night when you have the opportunity to overnight at a beautiful guest house right next to the venue.

The questions are who has to pay for this? Do you as couple have to spend so much more to accommodate your guests or expect them to pay themselves? We have a few answers and opinions for you.

Venue Choice:

There are so many venues that offer accommodation for guests on their premises or nearby guesthouses in the surrounding areas. By choosing the right venue you create an opportunity for your guests not to travel so far and stay close by so no one has to drive after enjoying the feestivies. Leipzig Country House & Winery offers 21 rooms for a total of 42 guests sharing and within walking distance of the venue which is a huge perk.

Accommodation Payment:

Is this something the bride and groom has to pay or the guests? Not everyone can afford to pay for all the guests accommodation, so in our opinion it is most common for the couple to pay for only their close relatives and bridal party and for the rest of the guests to have the option made available and they pay the costs.

Tips for Accommodation:

  1. Remember that not all of your guests can afford the luxury accommodation you have to offer. Keep this in mind and find accommodation nearby to suit all budgets. A lot of guesthouses also offer discounted rates when booking more than a certain amount of rooms.
  2. When searching for different prices, take a look whether the establishment offers breakfast for guests. This is always nice when everyone gets together the last time after the wedding and share their stories of the special day.
  3. Find out what their facilities are so you know your guests are comfortable and being well looked after.
  4. Book well in advance, make sure you indicate this on your invitations.

















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