We’ve observed that activities are forming a trend when it comes to conferences, as most companies try to create a memorable experience for the delegates. Employees are more involved, rather than the usual full-day conference where they are pumped full with information and head home worn-out and exhausted. Rather incorporate an activity to keep delegates enthusiastic, resulting in a focused group and productiveness.

Team-building activities are less popular at conferences, as companies focus on team-building as a separate unity. It requires a lot of energy and might leave delegates drained, resulting in distraction from the session. Minor activities allow delegates to relax while having fun, leaving delegated fresh and interested in the session. You won’t go wrong with activities such as wine tasting, craft beer tasting, wine blending, ice breakers, wine pairing or even take delegates to see the bottling process at a winery. Ice breakers take participants out of their comfort zone and making them feel part of the team.

The venue of the conference plays a big role when hosting a conference. Taking delegates away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and into peaceful surroundings is essential. Most of these venues provide interesting activities and luxury accommodation.

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