Round vs Rectangular…
When doing your to do list for your wedding, you will come to the point of your table plan and who is going to sit where. First of all, you need to decide what sort of tables you are going to have…Rectangular or Round tables? Or the nowadays, popular, long tables?
This thought shouldn’t be keeping you awake. I have some pointers for those who struggle.
Most people go for the round option because they think their guests will interact better than with rectangular tables. That is not the case. Round tables have a bigger surface between the opposite guests than rectangular table. Rectangular tables are just as easy to interact than round tables, you will be able to speak to guests next to you, across from you and diagonal.
Long tables are basically the same as rectangular tables, just next to each other. You will still put those guests closest to one another, adjacent to each other.
Basically it depends on your Centre Piece. If it is big and takes up a lot of space, go for round tables. If your Centre Piece will be slim or you would like to go with flowers and candles of different heights, go for rectangular or long tables. Also take in mind the venue and theme.


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