Even though there are so many places to shoot at Leipzig Country House, we have our favourites.

  1. The Olive Orchards

The subtle green surrounds the couple in nature but keeps the focus on the bride and groom. The white, supplied by the wedding dress creates a contrast between softness and clarity.

untitled 8
Adene Photography

Illuminate Photography

2. Winery

The winery is an exciting spot to shoot, it provides more than one option and is an elegant background. I just love a shoot in the cellar itself with bottles as the background.


Nicola Bester

3. Rose Garden

You can never go wrong with shooting at a Rose Garden. Roses and weddings goes hand-in-hand, as roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. It is definitely a must when it comes to the location of the shoot. I mean, look how romantic this looks, I just want to fall in love all over again.


Illuminate Photography

guntherschubert wedding photographer_0013
Gunther Photography

4. Honeymoon Suite

There’s a kind of sweetness and joy in the air when it comes to the bride getting ready for het big day. A fairy tale feeling coming to life. Excitement is all around, giggling ladies gushing and getting their make-up done, dressed in beautiful gowns. This is not to be missed by the photographer. It’s also why it’s one of our favourite spots for a shoot.



Illuminate Photography


  Aglow Photography

5. Leipzig’s Entrance

Leipzig’s entrance projects that happily-ever-after moment. That moment where the prince and the princess walk off, into the sunset, knowing the best love story has just been written. And with a big mountain as the backdrop, what more can you want?

guntherschubert wedding photographer_0006
Gunther Photograph

6. Historical Building

It is not just me who is in love with this historical building’s raw appearance, but photographers too. It may be the old and borrowed feeling with contrast to the newlyweds or it may be the simple and rustic look which deepens the characters of the photo.

guntherschubert wedding photographer_0007

12360313_10153768718333459_8445650390571676127_n   12359839_10153768717168459_5840100816459245623_n

Warren Williams Photography

8. The Manor House

Another great historical building to capture those special memories straight after the “I-do”.

Breede Photography

Olivia&Christian_Wedding_Leipzig_Aglow Photography_0087
Aglow Photography




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