All good things take time. Each bottle tells a story, every sip creates a lasting memory.

From the 1890s to 1963 spectacular wines were created on the Estate, wines that even the British Royalty enjoyed during their visit to South Africa after World War 2. They sipped on a luxurious white blend called “White Leipzig”.
Wine production on Leipzig came to a halt,50 years passed and the owner decided that the wine tradition of Leipzig deserved its time in the sun again. He joined forces with master winemaker Mark Carmichael Green to bring winemaking and wine production back to the homeland.

The modern, fully equipped, boutique-style winery produces world-class wines. Only the finest, quality, handpicked grapes from the best vineyards are selected for production. To preserve the memory and continue the story, it was decided that White Leipzig would once again see the light after many years. Today, it’s a beautiful blend and it’s a must-try. We also serve Cheese & Charcuterie platters to accompany our handcrafted award winning wines.

Leipzig Winery offers intimate wine tastings in our tasting room, exclusive cellar tours on request and wine sales.
Need more info about Leipzig Winery? To book private cellar tours and wine-tastings please contact us.

Trading Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 09:00-16:00
Sat: 10:00-14:00


Tel: 023 3478422

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